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 L2nJoy in-games Rules

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PostSubject: L2nJoy in-games Rules   Wed Jul 16, 2008 12:56 am

Hacking: Programs, scripts, modifications, or any other media that is not sanctioned by either NCSoft or Lineage II L2nJoy will not

be tolerated on this server. This includes any botting programs, speed "hacks," modified .ini files, monster statistic display

scripts, etc. Not only are these objects disruptive and unbalancing to the harmony of L2nJoy, they also tie up extra

bandwidth from the server itself, thus adding overall "lag" throughout the entire game, and potentially disallowing other players

to even enter the game. Any attempts to hack or crash the server, obtain user passwords, or use a third party program to obtain

advantages in the game will result in a permanent ban. Any distribution/soliciting of hacking programs, keyloggers, ect. in game,

irc, or forum will also result in a permanent ban. This includes :

* Help file exploits
* Botting programs
* Macro Programs
* L2walker exploits
* HlApex exploits
* Giving yourself incredible HP/MATK/PATK/etc
* Negative HP exploits
* Modding your INI files to see what level mobs are, or if they are aggro

Duping: Duping, aka using an exploit to duplicate items will also result in permanent ban.

False Hack Report: Making a false hack report will result in a three day ban. A false hack report is making a hack report against

someone who isn't hacking. Usually the offender has a clear, negative motivation for making this report. (harassment) The offender

may often use faked ("photoshopped") screenshots.

GM Impersonation: Pretending to be a GM or any member of the L2nJoy staff, or trying to pish users' passwords will

result in a permanent ban.

GM Tooling: Saying anything similar to "My GM friend will ban you!" will get YOU banned.

Harassment: If you harass other players, you will AT LEAST be muted. You may even be isolated from the main world for awhile.

Depending on the severity of the incident you may be suspended, permanently banned, or worse. Harassment usually involves

repeatedly bothering a player with inappropriate behavior, attempting to bypass their efforts to ignore you, and so on. Other forms

of harassment (such as sexual) will be considered harassment on the first offense. Use your head.

By the way, we can only police harassment in English though we do have staffs that understand various languages.

Harassing GMs nonstop will also result in a ban. We are very liberal, and we are very patient, but we do have limits. Also, if you

report harassment, you must include the entire conversation. It's not harassment if you rile them up, and we must be able to

determine that you didn't.

Language: Inappropriate language will get you muted for awhile. The only words you will be punished for is an obvious variation of

a blocked word. We will not act if you griefed a player and they said maybe one or two swears.

In-game conduct: Though this game is on the internet, with its illusion of anonymity and dealing with faceless strangers, the

players and staff are still human beings with emotions and opinions of their own. While these may or may not coincide with your own

will, please respect the L2nJoy Staff as well as its players. This includes:

* Insulting the staff/server/player
* Inciting racial slurs or religious attacks
* Death threats
* Making Character names/title/clan names/clan logos with vulgar/offensive/gross connotations toward religions/ethnicity or

* Publishing inappropriate content/pictures/website links in game or in the forums.

**Any player that is caught/found/accused/reported, will be jailed/muted pending further investigation. If found guilty, a

permanent ban/a punishment will be imposed. Please be reminded that everyone including the staff are bound to this "in-game

conduct". Please send any reports along with any proof (screenshots/fraps) to l2njoy@hotmail.com if any member of the staff

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L2nJoy in-games Rules
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